Yoga Pants, Yoga Brands

Hey yogis!  With all the social media outlets out there, we are flooded each day with different yoga brands to choose from.  Specifically let's talk yoga pants and clothing.  Now, practicing yoga, at least personally, it seems the biggest preference would be pants that do not slide down, do not rip, are not see through, … Continue reading Yoga Pants, Yoga Brands

A Beautiful Place to Practice and Yoga Class Review – Florida

With the sun still rising, and tiny rain clouds floating by, we had a soft breeze in air.  I unrolled my mat over the morning dew covered grass and admired the scene before me.  The waves gently bumped onto shore, sail boats bobbing in the marina, butterflies and birds landing gently as they pleased.  This … Continue reading A Beautiful Place to Practice and Yoga Class Review – Florida

Recommended Yogi Reads

If you are looking to deepen your yoga practice or are just looking for a better understanding but have been wondering where to begin, there are many texts you can and should read.  They will deepen you understanding on the fundamentals, different forms, and ideas, etc.  Below are a few of my top yogi texts I recommend … Continue reading Recommended Yogi Reads

Yoga Class Review & Proof You Can Practice Anywhere

Out back of a local brewery, in Sarasota, Florida, on their lawn, while puppies play and people meet for a drink, there is a yoga class.  It meets every Wednesday and the turn out is amazing.  String lights going from tree to tree, the sun dropping down and the cool air blowing through.  My yoga mat … Continue reading Yoga Class Review & Proof You Can Practice Anywhere