Your Yoga Practice Does Not Have to Be Hard

Whether you are a yoga teacher or student, practicing in a group at a studio or privately, your yoga practice does not have to be hard.  This seems to be quite the misconception across the board but, why?  Do we feel like we are not giving our students enough or that as students we are … Continue reading Your Yoga Practice Does Not Have to Be Hard

Mudra for the Fifth Chakra

Keeping it going as we move up through the chakras, today we write in blue for our throat chakra. We have been discussing the Mudras and the Chakras, starting with the first chakra and making our way up, today we move on to the mudra for our fifth chakra. This mudra is known to be practiced … Continue reading Mudra for the Fifth Chakra

Mudra for the Fourth Chakra

Continuing the tradition, writing in green today, the color that correlates with our heart chakra.  As we move through the Mudras and the Chakras, today we move up to our fourth chakra. This mudra is recommended to be practiced for 45 minutes, for two months.  As we move up through the chakras and their mudras, … Continue reading Mudra for the Fourth Chakra

Mudras and the Chakras

Last weekend I took an extremely informative and fun class on the chakras.  If you had a chance to read Balancing the Chakras in a Group then you know just how amazing of an experience it was.  We went over not just what and where but, the asana pertaining to, the bija, the mudra, etc.  Lets discuss … Continue reading Mudras and the Chakras

Yoga Therapy

Perhaps you are just starting your yoga journey or perhaps you have been on one for years but, if you are not on a yoga journey at all I encourage you to change this.  Can I “Do” Yoga? dove briefly into beginning your yoga journey and what it did for me.  I would like everyone to … Continue reading Yoga Therapy

Balancing the Chakras in a Group

This past weekend I had the amazing experience of going to a group on the chakras.  The group, of course, was to dabble into everything from what our charkas are, where, what they associate with, their asanas, mudra, bija, the list goes on.  With this, I did not realize something breathtaking we were all about … Continue reading Balancing the Chakras in a Group