Find Peace Yogi

One of the amazing things about practicing yoga is the search for peace.  Through the practice of yoga, mindfulness and meditation this is one goal I believe we can all agree one.  This, to me, is the absolute most amazing, mind-blowing, game-changing aspect so many do not realize is about to occur when they begin … Continue reading Find Peace Yogi


Yoga Has No Room For Negativity

As I write this, I have no title because I am struggling on where to even begin.  The world is hard, so much happens that we cannot control.  Often times, on top of everything else, we create difficult situations as well.  Adding to the pain, angst, stress, despair, the list goes on. Lately, the yoga … Continue reading Yoga Has No Room For Negativity

Who Am I To Judge?

This can title can be applied to so many different scenarios in our daily lives with each scenario being different yet, something is always similar. After finishing Yoga Teacher Training I continued to meet with a Yoga University group about once a month to continue our studies.  Hi, forever student over here!  Quite often we … Continue reading Who Am I To Judge?

Just a Yogi’s Thoughts on Hate

Hate is an emotion, a feeling, we all feel at some point in our lives.  Hate is a useless emotion, offering no positivity, no benefit to the beholder.  So, while we all may experience hate within us at some point, the difference would be what we do with it. If hate offers no benefit, no … Continue reading Just a Yogi’s Thoughts on Hate

Your Yoga Practice Does Not Have to Be Hard

Whether you are a yoga teacher or student, practicing in a group at a studio or privately, your yoga practice does not have to be hard.  This seems to be quite the misconception across the board but, why?  Do we feel like we are not giving our students enough or that as students we are … Continue reading Your Yoga Practice Does Not Have to Be Hard

Yoga Therapy

Perhaps you are just starting your yoga journey or perhaps you have been on one for years but, if you are not on a yoga journey at all I encourage you to change this.  Can I “Do” Yoga? dove briefly into beginning your yoga journey and what it did for me.  I would like everyone to … Continue reading Yoga Therapy