What We Do Not See

I had a student tell me they had to come to yoga class but almost didn't. We have all been there, I understand. She looked overwhelmed and it is that time of year where life seems to weigh a bit more heavily on us. As I teach I tend to demo and come around to … Continue reading What We Do Not See

2018 – What Are Your Intentions?

Oh wow, can you believe we have already made it to 2018??  First let me start, happy new year to you all!  NEW. Fresh. Beginnings. Let's do this.  I woke up to freezing cold, in a tent, my puppy, Coco, curled up so tight in my arm, snoring lightly into my neck, sun just peeping … Continue reading 2018 – What Are Your Intentions?

Grounded and Loving It!

Hey amazing people! Last day of 2017, what are you doing to end this year off right and begin 2018 right? Like I went over in my previous post, I am writing you all from my phone as I am staying minimally plugged in. I have made a point the past couple of years to … Continue reading Grounded and Loving It!

Goodbye 2017! Let’s Get Grounded Yogis!

As we close out the year 2017 this will be my last post from a computer for the year.  For the past couple years I have made a point to start the year fresh, happy and grounded.  If you are like WTF does that actually mean, stay tuned, you're in for treat! Starting the new … Continue reading Goodbye 2017! Let’s Get Grounded Yogis!