Flaws in Yogis, Yoga Teachers, and People

Real talk right now.Β  In life we tend to put certain people up on pedestals, for multiple reasons.Β  Often times, after something occurs which shows their "human" if you will, we take them down and look at them in a new light.Β  While it is great to admire or look upon someone in a positive … Continue reading Flaws in Yogis, Yoga Teachers, and People

Blocked Heart Chakra

There was a time where I felt nothing at all.Β  If you asked me at that time I would have told you it was the greatest thing in the universe.Β  Break ups did not phase, death rolled off like a bad hair day, I felt nothing.Β  I was empty inside and I bragged about it.Β  … Continue reading Blocked Heart Chakra

What is an Empath?

Empath, an ability to feel other people's moods, emotions, literally the energy with which they are putting off.Β  Within their own bodies they feel what is going on in others.Β  It can be exhausting and overwhelming.Β  The reason this can become so overwhelming is when there are too many people around.Β  Say you are in … Continue reading What is an Empath?

The Heart Chakra – Chakra four

Moving from our fiery solar plexus we turn towards our warm centers and the central point of our chakra system.Β  Our core is also our spiritual center, uniting both below and above forces.Β  The purpose of the fourth chakra is to unite and balance all aspects of our being.Β  As we move up from the … Continue reading The Heart Chakra – Chakra four