Showing our Wrist Love in our Yoga Practice and Life

Hello amazing people! Often times I have yoga students tell me they experience wrist pain during their practice or even during daily life. The world has changed and our wrists are fighting back. Typing and sitting at a computer all day, constantly being on our cell phones, repetitious wrist movement; these are all contributing factors … Continue reading Showing our Wrist Love in our Yoga Practice and Life


Cat/Cow Yoga Pose – Warm-up That Spine!

Hey amazing people! Cat/Cow pose, sometimes referred to as Angry cat/Purring cat (which confuses the hell out of me), is such an amazing and overlooked asana(s). Cat/Cow helps with spinal movement, warming up the spine, improves back muscles and helps to massage our internal organs. It is such a beautiful, fundamental pose, especially for beginning … Continue reading Cat/Cow Yoga Pose – Warm-up That Spine!

Scuba Diving, Camping, Yoga Adventure!

Hello amazing people! Recently I received my Scuba Diving certification. It has been an amazing and exciting experience. To me, yoga is beyond the asana, physical practice, and carries out into life. Nature is beautiful and every changing, it is an experience than one should go out and enjoy. Being sure to do no harm … Continue reading Scuba Diving, Camping, Yoga Adventure!

Meditation is for the Soul

Good day amazing people! In the past we have discussed how Yogis Are Literally The Most Positive People and why. I truly believe a huge part of it is mediation. Meditation is definitely something that pushes us against our minds. It is a mental battle that takes a great deal of practice and the benefits are … Continue reading Meditation is for the Soul

Boat Pose / Navasana – Yoga Pose Breakdown and Variation

Happy Tuesday (or whatever day you are reading this, I hope it is happy)!! I am in a blissfully great mood today, and I hope everyone else feels it too. Today we are breaking down Navasana, boat pose as well as, a couple variations. Let's start this new yoga journey together. Please listen to your … Continue reading Boat Pose / Navasana – Yoga Pose Breakdown and Variation