Find Peace Yogi

One of the amazing things about practicing yoga is the search for peace.  Through the practice of yoga, mindfulness and meditation this is one goal I believe we can all agree one.  This, to me, is the absolute most amazing, mind-blowing, game-changing aspect so many do not realize is about to occur when they begin … Continue reading Find Peace Yogi


Body Awareness in Yoga and Age

This evening we had a first time student in the studio.  By first time, he was a bit older and stated it been about 35 years since his last yoga class.  He unrolled his matt, we set props next to him, discussed injuries and were ready to go. Shortly after the warm-up, as we began … Continue reading Body Awareness in Yoga and Age

Yoga Has No Room For Negativity

As I write this, I have no title because I am struggling on where to even begin.  The world is hard, so much happens that we cannot control.  Often times, on top of everything else, we create difficult situations as well.  Adding to the pain, angst, stress, despair, the list goes on. Lately, the yoga … Continue reading Yoga Has No Room For Negativity