Staying Present During the Holidays

Sliding out of bed, so as not to disturb a soul.  I tiptoe to the kitchen, brew a pot of coffee, and begin to bake.  Soon the smell of cinnamon and warm bread fill the house.  Thanksgiving.  Family, food, friends, and happiness.  The mood is infectious.  After traveling to each loved one's home we arrive... Continue Reading →


Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Here in the United States we are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving.  This holiday seems to become passed by more and more quickly every year without second thought.  The holiday in itself is to give thanks.  That simple.  When people, hundreds of years ago, set out on a voyage for a new world and new... Continue Reading →

Blocked Heart Chakra

There was a time where I felt nothing at all.  If you asked me at that time I would have told you it was the greatest thing in the universe.  Break ups did not phase, death rolled off like a bad hair day, I felt nothing.  I was empty inside and I bragged about it. ... Continue Reading →

Meditation for Depression

I do not want to get out of bed.  I do not want to open the curtains.  Willing rain this way, with all its wondrous gloom.  The thought of the day and what it has to bring only intensifies these feelings as I burrow under my blankets.  I cannot even get up to go to... Continue Reading →

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