Yes, COVID-19 has many out of their comfort zone and in their home bubble. Maybe you are lucky enough to work from home or maybe you are unable to work. These are stressful and unknown times. They can cause quite a bit of stress, both mentally and physically. Even more so if you are finding … Continue reading WFH COVID-19 Yoga

Try Different Yoga Classes!

We have touched on Choosing the Right Yoga Class for You and there are many different styles out there but, there are also, many different teachers.  Yoga is a practice, it is continual.  Each day in your life is different, why not switch your practice up one day? With all the different styles, studios and teachers … Continue reading Try Different Yoga Classes!

Mudras and the Chakras

Last weekend I took an extremely informative and fun class on the chakras.  If you had a chance to read Balancing the Chakras in a Group then you know just how amazing of an experience it was.  We went over not just what and where but, the asana pertaining to, the bija, the mudra, etc.  Lets discuss … Continue reading Mudras and the Chakras