Breath Work, Pranayama and Anxiety

Hey amazing people! In the past I have posted on Yoga and Anxiety and also more about Prana, Pranayama and Your Practice but, today I wanted to touch specifically on breath work and anxiety. When I am struggling with my anxiety my mind races, I feel like the world is closing in around me and … Continue reading Breath Work, Pranayama and Anxiety

Just Breathe – In Yoga and Life

Breath is extremely important within our yoga practice and within our lives.  After all, it is our life source, our prana.  We discussed Prana, Pranayama and Your Practice before but, today is truly about breath in life and in our yoga practice. Quite often when I am teaching, I remind my students to breath.  Especially in … Continue reading Just Breathe – In Yoga and Life

Prana, Pranayama and Your Practice

The definition from Sanskrit to English varies a bit however, Prana is said to be "life force" or "energy" or "vital principle".  Through our body's nadis or energy channels is where prana is described to flow.  With this we tend to link prana with our Chakras System and if someone is well-balanced through all seven chakras … Continue reading Prana, Pranayama and Your Practice