Chaturanga Dandasana – Yoga Pose Breakdown!

Yay, Thursday!! I do not know about everyone else but, my week has seemed to just trickle by and then BAM! Thursday. Today we are breaking down Chaturanga Dandasana, sometimes referred to as push-up pose as well as, a variation. Let's start this new yoga journey together. I encourage you to try both variations with … Continue reading Chaturanga Dandasana – Yoga Pose Breakdown!

Happy Baby – Yoga Breakdown and Variation

Happy Tuesday! Today we are breaking down Happy Baby pose as well as, variations. As usual, I have the help of my trusty assistant Coco. Let's start this new yoga journey together. I encourage you to try each variation with me and allow your body to feel the difference in each pose. Happy Baby is … Continue reading Happy Baby – Yoga Breakdown and Variation

Benefits of Tadasana – Mountain Pose

Tadasana, or mountain pose, is probably one of the most overlooked and difficult poses in the asana practice. This pose has amazing benefits and is also a great foundation for balancing postures and your practice.Β  First, let's going over some of the many benefits: Improves posture Increases body and breath awareness Helps to strengthen thighs, … Continue reading Benefits of Tadasana – Mountain Pose

Benefits of Side Plank – Vasisthasana

Plank pose in general has many variations, each offering its own benefits. Side plank has amazing benefits and is a great gateway to arm balancing poses. Some of the benefits of Vasisthasana: Wrist and arm strengthener Great core strengthener including the obliques Strengthens and stretches our legs Improves balance To be totally honest, planks are … Continue reading Benefits of Side Plank – Vasisthasana

Benefits of Tree Pose – Vrksasana

Balancing poses are certainly some of my most favorite poses to practice and the benefits a tremendous. Today we will discuss the benefits of Vrksasana, tree pose. This pose is great for: Sciatica pain relief Improved balance Strengthening of the thighs, ankles, spine and calves Stretching of the groin and inner thighs When practicing this … Continue reading Benefits of Tree Pose – Vrksasana

Benefits of Dancer Pose – Natarajasana

Throughout your practice you will continue to move through new poses and variations, deepening the movement as you go.Β  Each one offers its own amazing benefits to those practicing it.Β  Today let's touch on the benefits of practicing Natarajasana or Dancer Pose. Opening of the shoulders, chest and hips Deep opening in the chest, a … Continue reading Benefits of Dancer Pose – Natarajasana