Learning From Yoga Students

Teachers, gurus, students and everything in between, we all have something to offer.  Sometimes, especially in a larger class, it is not always easy for the teacher to ensure each student has 100% of their poses 100% of the time.  Ever been to a class and felt like you are just not grasping what you … Continue reading Learning From Yoga Students


Dance Yogi!

I just had an amazing practice and I cannot contain myself, I must share.  The Importance of a Home Yoga Practice and This Is Yoga, It Is NOT That Serious. are prime examples of my practice today.  I was in a strange mood, everything today has been different.  But, every day, every moment is different, no?  … Continue reading Dance Yogi!

One Size Does Not Fit All – Yoga Included

Ever got something that was "one size fits all" and just unbelievably amazed at how perfectly it fit you?  Anyone? Bueller..?  Bueller...?  Probably not.  Why should yoga be any different? Let me break it down for you.  Yoga poses have variations.  These variations are so anyone can practice these poses to their ability, without injury.  … Continue reading One Size Does Not Fit All – Yoga Included

The Importance of a Home Yoga Practice

We have gone over Private Yoga Classes as well as, Choosing the Right Yoga Class for You or Try Different Yoga Classes but, let's touch on the importance of a home practice.  Quite often, especially with muscle memory, we tend to practice what we have been taught rather than what feels right.  It is upon practicing at home, … Continue reading The Importance of a Home Yoga Practice

Try Different Yoga Classes!

We have touched on Choosing the Right Yoga Class for You and there are many different styles out there but, there are also, many different teachers.  Yoga is a practice, it is continual.  Each day in your life is different, why not switch your practice up one day? With all the different styles, studios and teachers … Continue reading Try Different Yoga Classes!