Being Present as a Yoga Teacher and Beyond

Through the study of yoga, you learn much about being present.  Our yoga practice helps us achieve this presence and peace within ourselves.  But, what about as a teacher? I met with a group of fellow yoga teachers the other day as we discussed this subject.  As teachers, we are to teach, no?  But, if … Continue reading Being Present as a Yoga Teacher and Beyond


How to Start an Early Morning Yoga Routine (Without Losing Sleep)

It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? You wake up early, stretch, then roll out your mat and start in on your own private practice. The only problem is, it’s hard to actually make that happen, especially when you’re tired. Sure, the yoga sounds wonderful, but you just can’t get up early enough to fit it in. … Continue reading How to Start an Early Morning Yoga Routine (Without Losing Sleep)

Meditation in Nature

Pulling back the thick shades of my hotel room, I look down upon the beautiful city as it just begins to wake.  Warm, steamy coffee in a paper cup, the aroma familiar of home, I sit on the bed and look out onto the world around me.  With every intention of checking out a yoga … Continue reading Meditation in Nature

Finding Time

Alarm blaring, snooze for the second time.  Get up, brew coffee, move through the motions unconsciously.  Get to work, meeting, emails, phone calls.  How did I get home?  Pick up the kids, cooks dinner, is there any clean laundry?  And it just keeps going. Our lives are busy, sometimes straight up chaotic but, with this … Continue reading Finding Time

Staying Present During the Holidays

Sliding out of bed, so as not to disturb a soul.  I tiptoe to the kitchen, brew a pot of coffee, and begin to bake.  Soon the smell of cinnamon and warm bread fill the house.  Thanksgiving.  Family, food, friends, and happiness.  The mood is infectious.  After traveling to each loved one's home we arrive … Continue reading Staying Present During the Holidays

Blocked Heart Chakra

There was a time where I felt nothing at all.  If you asked me at that time I would have told you it was the greatest thing in the universe.  Break ups did not phase, death rolled off like a bad hair day, I felt nothing.  I was empty inside and I bragged about it.  … Continue reading Blocked Heart Chakra