Sundays Are For Yoga

Yoga Church.  That's what I signed up for this past Sunday.  Unsure if it was just witty title for being Sunday morning or if everyone was going to take their practice beyond the physical that day, I could not have been more excited. I arrived to the disclosed location outside at 9am, the weather in … Continue reading Sundays Are For Yoga

Meditate, You Can Quiet the World Around You

There seems to be this impression out there that you must meditate in a candle lit, quiet room, on a pillow, surrounded by nothing that will provoke a thought.  No.  Do we not meditate to quiet the mind, find inner peace and enlightenment, become present, or to set an intention.  I could go one forever … Continue reading Meditate, You Can Quiet the World Around You

Incorporating Meditation into Your Yoga Practice

Have you been wanting to incorporate meditation into your yoga practice however, are unsure of where to begin?  The beauty is, within your practice the tools are already there.  As you begin your journey, study, practice, it will become easier.   We have discussed this before but, being present is key.  Often times the difficulty … Continue reading Incorporating Meditation into Your Yoga Practice

Being Present as a Yoga Teacher and Beyond

Through the study of yoga, you learn much about being present.  Our yoga practice helps us achieve this presence and peace within ourselves.  But, what about as a teacher? I met with a group of fellow yoga teachers the other day as we discussed this subject.  As teachers, we are to teach, no?  But, if … Continue reading Being Present as a Yoga Teacher and Beyond

Meditation in Nature

Pulling back the thick shades of my hotel room, I look down upon the beautiful city as it just begins to wake.  Warm, steamy coffee in a paper cup, the aroma familiar of home, I sit on the bed and look out onto the world around me.  With every intention of checking out a yoga … Continue reading Meditation in Nature