Mudra for the First Chakra

Writing in red, the color that correlates with the root chakra, chakra one. We have been discussing Mudras and the Chakras so, today, the mudra for our root chakra.   This mudra is known to be practiced at any time and within any posture of your preference.  It is geared towards our root chakra which grounds us, … Continue reading Mudra for the First Chakra

Mudras and the Chakras

Last weekend I took an extremely informative and fun class on the chakras.  If you had a chance to read Balancing the Chakras in a Group then you know just how amazing of an experience it was.  We went over not just what and where but, the asana pertaining to, the bija, the mudra, etc.  Lets discuss … Continue reading Mudras and the Chakras

Balancing the Chakras in a Group

This past weekend I had the amazing experience of going to a group on the chakras.  The group, of course, was to dabble into everything from what our charkas are, where, what they associate with, their asanas, mudra, bija, the list goes on.  With this, I did not realize something breathtaking we were all about … Continue reading Balancing the Chakras in a Group

Meditation for the Anxious

I have gone back and forth with a few of you on meditation, anxiety, depression, chronic pain or illness so, I thought I would share.  All these things effect us mentally, physically and socially.  Sometimes getting comfy and opening the mind is just not plausible when the walls are closing in around you, your insides … Continue reading Meditation for the Anxious

Creating Your Yoga Space

What is a yoga space and why should you have one?  I feel this question could be answered in many different ways depending on who you are speaking to.  Let's go over the barebones to make that space, whatever you think it should be, the basics to make it your yoga space. Starting with why … Continue reading Creating Your Yoga Space