Meditation is for the Soul

Good day amazing people! In the past we have discussed how Yogis Are Literally The Most Positive People and why. I truly believe a huge part of it is mediation. Meditation is definitely something that pushes us against our minds. It is a mental battle that takes a great deal of practice and the benefits are … Continue reading Meditation is for the Soul


Are we Happy Now?

Just in the past couple of days happiness, or lack there of, has become extremely prevalent. With two extremely iconic people, in two different realms of fame and fortune, recently committing suicide mental health and overall happiness is crossing the minds of millions. Oddly enough, it is Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States. … Continue reading Are we Happy Now?

What is Keeping You From Your Happy Place?

My apologies for interrupting our posts on the mudras however, this is important. Today my anxiety and depression would not be quiet.  Starting with work, phone call after phone call, yelling, complaining, the blaming!  23 new emails?! I have not finished filtering what came through over the weekend.  My anxiety screaming how terrible I am … Continue reading What is Keeping You From Your Happy Place?

Mudra for the Third Chakra

Writing in yellow today, the color that correlates with our solar plexus, chakra three.  As we move through the Mudras and the Chakras, today we move up to our third chakra.   This mudra is recommended to be practiced for 5 - 15 minutes, twice a day.  This mudra aids in balancing our third chakra, … Continue reading Mudra for the Third Chakra

Meditate, You Can Quiet the World Around You

There seems to be this impression out there that you must meditate in a candle lit, quiet room, on a pillow, surrounded by nothing that will provoke a thought.  No.  Do we not meditate to quiet the mind, find inner peace and enlightenment, become present, or to set an intention.  I could go one forever … Continue reading Meditate, You Can Quiet the World Around You

Repost – Being Present While Dealing with Anxiety

Since I began my yoga journey a few years ago, I began to hear the terms “be present” and “let that s#%! go” a lot. I suffer from depression and anxiety, I refused to see anyone for it after I became an adult and stopped taking all medications. “This chick is nuts”, yea, probably. I […] … Continue reading Repost – Being Present While Dealing with Anxiety