Choosing the Right Yoga Class for You

The other day I invited a good friend of mine to a yoga class.  Not one I was teaching personally however, I knew the teacher quite well and enjoy taking her classes.  My friend looked at me ever so sweetly and stated, "I will never take another yoga class again."  Clearly as a yoga teacher... Continue Reading →


The Crown Chakra – Chakra Seven

Photo credit: We have made our way up the seven chakras to the thousand-petaled lotus that is our crown chakra.  Representing the ruling principle of life, and bringing us to divine intelligence, the source of all manifestations.  Referring to the infinite unfolding of the lotus petals, the crown chakra in Sanskrit is Sahasrara which is... Continue Reading →

The Third Eye Chakra – Chakra Six

With chakra six we move well beyond the physical.  The third eye, our brow chakra, sees past the physical world.  Through sight we are able to take in all around us, every bit of overwhelming and vast information that we are surrounded by.  Sight is the function associated with chakra however, it is not just... Continue Reading →

The Throat Chakra – Chakra Five

We have now made it to our fifth chakra, our throat chakra which also brings us to something that is crucial not only to the world but to our bodies. Communication.  Not only do we need communication in the world but we also need it for our bodies to function.  Our body systems perform through communication... Continue Reading →

The Heart Chakra – Chakra four

Moving from our fiery solar plexus we turn towards our warm centers and the central point of our chakra system.  Our core is also our spiritual center, uniting both below and above forces.  The purpose of the fourth chakra is to unite and balance all aspects of our being.  As we move up from the... Continue Reading →

The Solar Plexus Chakra – Chakra Three

Making our way from chakra one, with solidity, roots, the earth, through chakra two with change, emotions, sexuality, water we come into chakra three.  The first three chakras are the trinity of basic principals for our physical bodies and matter.  Chakra three is also known as the sacral chakra where the element of fire is ignited. ... Continue Reading →

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