What Yoga Can Do Beyond You

Yoga has tremendous benefits for the body, mind, soul, the Self.  Yoga also can do amazing things for the world around us.  As a yoga teacher, it brings me great joy when a practice goes well beyond the mat. There is yoga for Veterans, yoga for Parkinson's, yoga for inmates.  The list goes on and... Continue Reading →


Meditate Away the Negativity

This title is insane right??  It essentially is what my day consisted of today.  We all know things happen in life, beyond control and everyone is entitled to a bad day.  Should this effect all of us though?  I am not saying throw empathy out the window but, truly reflect next time and see if... Continue Reading →

The Sunshine Blogger Award!

I am pretty stoked, honored, grateful, the list goes on, to an amazing blogger herself, Mikayla,who nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger award.  Please stop by her page, you will not be disappointed.  This award is aimed towards those whom inspire positivity and creativity within the blogging community. Sunshine Blogger Award rules: 1. Thank blogger(s)... Continue Reading →


The other day a friend of mine and, amazing yogi/yoga teacher, made a very simple post on social media about something she did not agree with. I threw a like, as I agreed and prepared to move on as a comment below caught my eye. I clicked in for further viewing, perhaps I was missing... Continue Reading →

Yoga Pants, Yoga Brands

Hey yogis!  With all the social media outlets out there, we are flooded each day with different yoga brands to choose from.  Specifically let's talk yoga pants and clothing.  Now, practicing yoga, at least personally, it seems the biggest preference would be pants that do not slide down, do not rip, are not see through,... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness and How It Changes Everything

If you look up the definition of Mindfulness you will see: "the quality of state of being aware or conscious" among other various versions of a similar definition. Practicing yoga and meditation teaches us to be present and to practice mindfulness. In the past I have heard people scoff at this and insinuate madness. Being... Continue Reading →

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